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Price: (glass) $ 10  /  $30 (bottle)
Light bodied and fruit forward, this wine showcases ripe cherries and plums. Light acidity compliments it’s slightly herbaceous undertones. Low tannins and an easy finish makes this wine enjoyable for everyone!

Marechal Foch

Price: (glass) $ 10  /  $30 (bottle)
Known for its unique characteristics, this acid driven wine is rustic and earthy. Spicy black cherry aroma is accompanied by a tartness that is pleasant and creates a clean mouthfeel. This wine will pair amazingly well with dark chocolate and any kind of nut butter.

Pinot Noir

Price: (glass) $ 12  /  $45 (bottle)
Medium bodied and earthier characteristics parallel blackberry and ripened currents. A slightly earthy palate with undertones of baking spices and truffles make this wine a true crowd pleaser!


Price: (glass) $ 12  /  $45 (bottle)
With a  decadent nose of blackberry and spice, this wine is truly enjoyable. Medium-full bodied with old world characteristics, dark fruit and pepper combine to give a lasting finish with power and zest.


Price: (glass) $ 12  /  $45 (bottle)
Full-bodied, earthy, smoky, this wine has it all for a big red! Layers of structure with dark fruits shown throughout the nose and body! Slight caramel undertones with big tannins, the finish lingers and makes sure it is not forgotten!

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