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White Wines

2011 Late Bloomer Gewürztraminer $25
There’s nothing sweet about Late Bloomer. Winemaker, Linda Donovan, who handcrafts our Faith, Hope and Charity hybrid wines, created this dry Gewürztraminer with Oregon grapes.

2010 Pick Me $25
This wine is from our winemaker Linda Donovan and Rogue Winery in Southern Oregon. A nice, light and tropical fruit forward wine lingers on the palate. The perfect summer wine.

2013 L Donovan Reserve Chardonnay $40
This nice, light steel-fermented and tropical fruit forward wine lingers on the palate, a lovely white wine.

Volcano Vineyards White Blend $25
This wine features La Crescent grapes grown at Monkey Face Vineyard in Terrebonne, Oregon. Planted in 2006, it is the oldest commercial vineyard in Central Oregon.


2012 FHC Frontenac $30
These grapes are grown at Monkey Face Vineyards near Smith Rock. Earthy and slightly herbaceous, our Frontenac features strong cherry notes and a moderate acid backbone. This wine is a deep garnet color, but Frontenac grapes can also produce Rose and Port-style wines.

2009 FHC Pinot Noir $45
Sit back and relax with this finely aged Pinot Noir. With a delicate aromas of ripened currant and black fruit, this ruby red, light-bodied wine excites the palate with a hint of baking spices, ripened cherries and a smoky finish.

2009 FHC Syrah $40
Each year the fruit from this vineyard in Eola-Amity Hills is a little more robust. The wine is dark and inky and is set off by nuances of plum and black licorice in both aroma and flavor, and enhanced by just a smidge more toasty oak.

2013 Marechal Foch $40
Commonly referred to as Foch, this French-American hybrid is known for its deep, dark color, unique character, and intense inky color. This wine pairs perfectly with a piece of dark chocolate.

2012 Barbera $45 RELEASED 11/15/15
Made from grapes harvested in the Columbia Valley this is a rich, red wine with strong fruit flavors and aromas, especially black cherry.

2008 FHC Reserve Merlot $40
Earthy and smoky, this full-bodied Merlot begs to be drunk with food and friends.

2012 Frontenac Dessert Wine $45  RELEASED 11/15/15
Made from locally harvested grapes this is a full-bodied, dry dessert wine with strong berry notes, made in the style of Port.


Seasonal Craft Beer – $5 glass

Volcano Vineyards Magmita Peach Sangria – Not too sweet and refreshing over ice in the summer time. This low alcohol refresher comes from Volcano Vineyards in Bend. $6 glass/$20 growler fill

$5 tasting fee. Tastings free with wine bottle(s) purchase. Save 10% off case purchases. Save 5% off six bottles or more.

 Call to place an order 541-526-5075


On the horizon, we’ve got Rick Mafit hard at work on a Barbera, Syrah, and our ever-popular Merlot! Linda Donovan is busy producing our upcoming Frontenac Dessert Wine and 2012 FHC Marechal Foch!  Join our wine club to make sure you get first crack at all the upcoming deliciousness!


Our 15-acre vineyard currently produces 9 different varietals planted in 2010. Our first estate harvest is expected Fall 2015. Our vines are notable for their ability to withstand frigid temperatures and have a short growing season, both of which allow these grapes to thrive and grow abundantly in the high desert of Central Oregon.

La Crescent (prounounced La Cress-ent)
La Crescent’s intense nose of apricot, peach, and citrus lends itself to superior quality off-dry or sweet white wines. Produced in a Germanic style, La Crescent wine is reminiscent of Vignoles or Riesling. The grape’s high acidity provides good structure for excellent dessert or late-harvest style wines. Pairs well with shellfish, fish, chicken and green salads.

St. Croix (pronounced Saint Croy)
St. Croix grapes produce medium to full bodied, dry, deep red wines with low tannins, good fruity aromas, and have currant and other dried fruit flavor aspects. Production often employs oak barrel ageing to add even more complexity to the wine’s bouquet and flavors. Pairs well with beef and comfort foods.

Marechal Foch (prounounced Mah-reh-shal Fosh)
Foch can produce excellent red wines typically with deep purple color and often possessing Burgundian characteristics. These include a light to medium structure and dark berry fruit aromas and flavors. Pairs well with charbroiled meats and veggies.

Vignoles (pronounced Viyn-ole)
Vignoles can have a variety of tastes and flavor/ acid profiles. Made as a bone-dry wine, it can be clean and crisp, with a touch of tartness of green apples. The fruit is citrus in character, with underlying tones of peach and tropical fruit which goes well with oak aging. The residual sugar/acid balance can add to the wine’s complexity, while providing a clean edge to the finish. Pairs well with strong cheeses such as asiago, limburger, or taleggio.

Traminette (prounounced Trah-mn-ett)
Traminette is a white wine grape that can be made into different wine styles, with different methods which can significantly alter its taste. The wines can be made either dry or semi-dry. The textbook description for Traminette wines are wines that are characteristic of its Gewürtztraminer parent: spicy, fragrant wines of excellent quality. These flavorful wines not only have spice, but nice honey and apricot flavors. Pairs well with pork, turkey and asian cuisine.

Frontenac Gris (pronounced Frawn-ten-ak Gree)
Frontenac gris wines present aromas of peach and apricot with hints of enticing citrus and tropical fruit. A brilliant balance of fruit and acidity creates lively, refreshing wines. Unique and complex flavors make this an excellent grape for table, dessert, and ice wines. Pairs well with a variety of cheeses, pork, chicken and northern Italian cuisine.

Marquette (prounounced Mahr-kett)
Marquette’s high sugar and moderate acidity make it very manageable in the winery. Finished wines are complex, with attractive ruby color, pronounced tannins, and desirable notes of cherry, berry, black pepper, and spice on both nose and palate. As a red wine, Marquette represents a new standard in cold hardy viticulture and enology. Pairs well with robust food like hearty pasta, grilled steak, or wild game.

Leon Millot (pronounced Lee-on Mill-oh)
Leon Millot is an early ripening black grape, a sister of Marechal Foch but earlier and more productive. Makes a red wine with a distinct berry aroma and a hint of chocolate, can blend well with Marechal Foch. This wine pairs well with red meats, spicy dishes, and havarti cheese.

La Crosse (prounounced La Cross)
La Crosse grapes can produce good quality, clean, fruity white wines of moderate acidity. They are often made in a dry or semi-dry style. Pairs well with seasoned chicken and salads.

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  1. Joanne Wiegand says:

    What is your tasting fee? Is it waived with purchase of wine? Minimum purchase necessary? We are planning to visit for first time either tomorrow or Thursday. We have seen your photos on line and read wonderful comments, and are looking forward to our visit. There will be 3 couples. Thank you so very much!

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