Our Story

Nestled on 312 acres in Terrebonne, OR sits the tasting room and event center, envisioned by Husband and Wife Roger and Cindy Grossmann. Rising to its namesake, the 15 acre vineyard is overlooked by the Three Sisters mountain range, originally named Faith, Hope, and Charity.
The vineyard focuses on the growth of cold-hardy grapes, which are able to withstand frost, and have a shorter growing season. The grapes were planted in 2010, only about 4 years after Central Oregon was introduced to grape growing. While patiently awaiting for the vines to mature, FHC harvested grapes from Monkey Face Vineyards for four years.
In September of 2015, the first block of Marquette was harvested, a hybrid grape that is said to be the cousin of Frontenac and the grandson of Pinot Noir. Because of the extensive research of cold-hardy grapes done by Cornell and the University of Minnesota, successful grape growing can be made possible in areas with unpredictable weather.
2016 brought another successful harvest. Once a dream that grapes grown in Central Oregon could be made into fine wine, is now a reality. Future plans for the vineyard include an on premise winery production, guest cottages, an amphitheater, and a farm-to-table garden. Faith, Hope, and Charity Vineyards will always stand by the belief in sustainable and natural farming practices, to continue to provide guests with the highest quality product.
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